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There's nothing wrong with being all over the place. Take some notes from a professional wreck like me, there are ways around looking as bad as you feel. Taking risks and playing outside the lines can get you into trouble, but when it doesn't you have to turn to reality.

These beauty products and application tricks can hide literally anything.

Haven't slept in days? Feeling hungover? Don't worry.

1. Okay, so first you need to recognize that you're a little out of control, and understand that you might need to fix a few things. There's honestly no fun in this, but just knowing will make it better.

2. Then, after you realize what a waster you are, you can start with the hair.

Messy hair is totally in-style right now, and luckily you've got that on lock. If you want to be a professional bad girl, blonde is the way to go. My hair is naturally a dirty blonde shade like Kate Moss' (pictured throughout this post), but I like going platinum. It keeps things a little lighter, more messy. Especially when the roots are growing out and people know that you're not keeping your 4 week salon appointments. Letting your bleach blonde hair grow out is a tell-tale sign that you don't really care that much, which makes you more cool. So like...let that shit go. Use one of these at home, boxed dyes to get the platinum look
I'm partial to the Feria brand by L'Oreal because they really fry the shit out of your hair and get it really white. Then about 3 weeks later you'll start to see roots, and then the magic happens! I'd also advise you to use Redkin Windblown 05 hairspray. This sucker freezes your hair into place without all the crunch of a traditional hairspray. If you're looking for that messy look Kate Moss rocks all the time, this is the spray for you.

3. If you don't have time for all that, a true mess knows how to make the worst things look like the best ones. Deal with your hair like an unruly boyfriend and just twist it up and forget about it.

I love doing a messy braid, it implies that I put some effort into myself, but not too much...essential for carrying on the legacy of a hot mess. I also like to pin up my hair into a suitable shape and just leave it there...literally take some bobby pins and just start pinning, something will come of it, I promise.

4. After you deal with the hair, it's time for make-up. And a mess can do this flawlessly every day.

Because we're often waking up late, running from place to place, and forgetting what it's like to look sort of human. Foundation: I swear by NARS Sheer Glow. I wear the palest shade because, well I'm a ghost. It's good coverage, but not to oily and sticky and when you're outside sweating to death it stays in place. I like to use a stippling brush to apply it, and then rub in any un-blendable areas with my hands. Contouring: Cheekbone hi-light and contour are a must, and it doesn't take much time with the NYX Contouring palette. It's small, portable and good for touch-ups. Swipe the darkest shade under your cheek bones and kill those dark circles with the lightest shade. Easy and quick, just like messes need it to be. Blush: A quick swipe of Milani's Coral Cove, working out by the ears into the face and you're done. It's a universal shade that flatters all skin tones. Lips: Don't be afraid of bold colors, whether spice colored or red (Maybelline's Siren in Scarlet is a fantastic red, pictured on Messy Tessie). IN fact that whole line of lipsticks is bomb, and cheap too (under 8 dollars most places). Eyes: This is the most important area for messes. It can make or break your look. There is no better eyeliner out there for quick application than Maybelline's Master Kajal. Now, a Kajal isn't a typical liner pencil, it's more of a kohl / pen type thing, and it takes no time to get used to. And my mascara of choice is the L'Oreal Miss Manga Rock formula, it's thick and messy and doesn't fuck around. So if you need a quick swipe before you're late to work, these will get it done. Scroll through to see the products, and how they look on my ridiculous face.

5. So your hair's good, and your makeup...well it's on your face. What Now?

Make sure you've got these things with you to keep things under control:
SUNGLASSES : the essential messy accessory. Do not go anywhere without them. They can cover up a lot if the makeup doesn't pan out. Wear them inside for more of the "WTF happened to her" factor. WATER: this will come in handy when you think you're dying of dysentery or whatever. From wild nights to sober mornings, a water bottle will be your best friend. PHONE CHARGER: You always need this, mess or not. Carry it with you in case you get lost or can't remember where you are, God forbid. YOUR BEAUTY STASH: Bring your essential products with you so you're not unprepared. I love the little make-up bag I carry around, by Betsy Johnson.
And being a mess isn't the end of the world.
And above all else, don't listen to the haters, because you're doing your thing, and that's all that matters!
you're very welcome! I def agree, being fab is always an awesome feeling :)
@jordanhamilton Yes! Thank you :) And yeah, sometimes we're not as put together as we look, but it's alright because in the end it's just the outside lol, but it doesn't hurt to be fab! ;)
Love this! it's like the ultimate go to guide for every makeup lover. "Deal with your hair like an unruly boyfriend and just twist it up and forget about it." <--- this easily made my day! I chuckled lol and I definitely agree with you on the eyeshadow aspect of things. it sucks! I hate eyeshadow sometimes, it can def easily make or break your look. This card is so necessary. I love your photo at the end and the little reminder that being a mess isn't the end of the world & that's so true. essentially, it's all about how you feel on the inside and it will def show on the outside.