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This will probably be one of the shittiest times of your life. You may not be a straight-A student, nor the star athlete, and your world is twisting in knots. School is a drag and you are just trying to survive a wrecked, dysfunctional household. You are trying to figure yourself out, while trying to fight so many self-battles. You will get through it, I promise.
Anyone who tells you that A pluses will make you successful, does not understand how the world really works. You’ve got to offer something different, be innovative, and driven.
Continue to do what makes you happy and sharp. Continue to teach yourself how to sketch, write about social issues, read music, use different computer software programs. Continue to do more, learn more, read more. Be curious.
You may have a hard time focusing on school, but you can teach yourself new things. Take advantage of that. It might be discouraging to come home with C minuses, but you know you’re smart. And you are smart.
Continue to go to church. These people are your community. They will pray for you. They will help you. And they will dig you out of the hole you’re choking under. You may disagree with a lot of the things they say, but you’ll learn that they will become your rock. They care. They care more than you will ever understand.
The future is scary, but the future will give you a precious thing called “chance”. The past is done, but the future is yours to mold. You’ll graduate high school. You’ll even graduate college. You’ll be recognized for your writing. You’ll realize that your analytical skills might fuck you over during multiple-guess exams, but it will help you ask more important, bigger questions. You'll learn more about the world through your impulse to ask "why?"
Continue to ask "why."
It’s easy to think that the life you are living at fifteen will never get better, but you are so wrong. You will eventually feel like you are on top of the world when 27 rolls around. You will be a whole lot smarter, wiser, more independent, and secure. You will also find peace, and finally feel that tingle of happiness you've been trying so hard to find.
27-Year-Old Self
Thanks, @TessStevens for the writing idea!
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@alywoah "continue to ask "why"" so important. This was beautiful. Thank you for writing one of these, it's amazing how much we support ourselves once we're out of the shit!