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The war between Jon Stewart and Donald Trump continues, and news has never been more entertaining.
Over the weekend, Trump made the ridiculous claim that John McCain isn't a war hero, and obviously Jon Stewart couldn't just let that one go. In response to Trump's comments and his ignorant attempt to backpedal and excuse himself, Jon Stewart says what we're all thinking about Donald Trump in general...

"What the f**k is wrong with him?"

At this point, hair and stupid statements combined, Donald Trump is making it too easy for us to make fun of him. People everywhere, Republicans and Democrats alike, are calling him out for his comments over the weekend, and although I haven't seen any recent polls, I'm willing to guess his presidential campaign is close to over (fingers crossed).
The only thing I'll miss about Donald Trump is watching Jon Stewart mock him.
You can watch the full video here.
@LauraFisher I know! I hope for the same.
Ugh! I know the feeling too well! I saw today he just read out Lindsey Graham's personal cell number on TV. He’s officially crazy...
@FabiolaGavina wow! Thanks for checking, that's so crazy. I can't believe that...I hope his popularity goes down in the next few days ugh
Just checked, he is still leading the Republican Party.
Last week I heard that he was actually ahead in the polls. But like you said, I haven't checked them recently.
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