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Self-Love (n.) - regard for one's own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).

You can't love another until you love yourself, first. It's almost like cooking. You can't prepare a meal without first making sure you have all the needed ingredients to continue on with your game plan. Self-love is like the recipe for happiness. You can't create happiness until you have fulfilled that happiness within yourself and it takes certain ingredients to bring that true happiness to fruition. Everything becomes easier once you take the steps needed to find that love within yourself, for yourself. Your flaws? Look past them. You're so much more than what meets the eye and you must see that for yourself.
You couldn't possibly share with someone else something that you don't even have yourself. Look deep within and you will find that love that you've been longing for all along -- not from another person, but from yourself. In order to give love, you must first find that love. If you have yet to find that self-love you've been looking for in other people, stop looking and allow me to express to you why love of one self is necessary first and foremost.

Self-Love Opens Doors

Because of self-love, you are now able to appreciate yourself and life in general a little bit more. Embrace it and watch beautiful things manifest.

Self-Love Allows You To Bounce Right Back

Bad breakup? Fell for the wrong person? Don't even sweat it. When you love yourself enough, none of that even matters. You'll be back to your normal self in no time. If you don't have anyone else, you always have yourself.

Self-Love Makes It Easy To Love Others

The great thing about loving yourself is that it makes it all the more easier to love someone else just as much. Let's just hope that the feeling is mutual.

Self-Love Makes Everyday Life Easier

Compared to when you had no clue what it meant to love yourself, self-love has caused your days to be filled with nothing but happiness and positivity. It takes a lot for someone to get you down because at the end of the day when nothing else matters, you still have love to fall back on.

More People Will Want To Embrace Self-Love

When people see how much you love yourself and nothing or no one can come in between that bond -- they'll want the same exact thing.
Just incase you need some self-love in time of heartbreak or just in general -- check out this card Drifting On A Memory: Learn To Love Yourself In Time Of Heartache.

How Do You Choose To Embrace Your Self-Love?