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CNBLUE’s maknae Minhyuk, charmed viewers with his adorable looks on the 13th episode of KBS’s weekend drama, “My Husband Got a Family”. Broadcast on April 7th, Minhyuk showed his proper ‘manner skinship’ by wrapping his jacket around the waist of co-star Oh Yeon Seo. Having approached her with a chic experssion, he had calmly stated, “Don’t go running in short shorts because other men will stare.” Oh Yeon Seo was of course knocked out by his flower boy smile and already knee deep in his charms. As Minhyuk plays the role of ‘Sekwang’, the internet is already abuzz with a new syndrome they call, ‘Sekwang syndrome’. Following the broadcast of the 13th episode, portal sites like Naver were flooded with search results on Minhyuk. Netizens commented, “I’m going to obsess over Sekwang now”, “He’s going to be even cuter next week!”, and “My heart is beating with just the sound of his voice in the preview!” The next episode will feature his live drum skills, so don’t miss out next Saturday at 7:55 p.m.
glad to help somone who misses him ^_^
ya very ryt neaaa i was seriously missing him..such a cute guy...
@anvesha here you go! you were just missing him right?