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This guy knows he's going down just before he does, and that's the scariest part of the whole thing.

Can you imagine those few seconds, when you feel your hold giving out, and you know that there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it?

This guy seems incredibly lucky. That was a seriously nasty fall, and he's fortunate to have been using good equipment. His rope saved his life, no question about it. His finger looks pretty good at beat up, but really he escapes no worse for the wear.

I wouldn't want to get back on that rock wall and climb out of that situation after a fall like this...

@jeff4122 Yeah I feel like someone woul dhave to pull me up after that....granted I might not have ever got to his position ha
totally! and he seems relatively calm after the fall which is crazy... I'd be freaking out!
Yeah absolutely YOUVE GOT TO USE A ROPE. I can't stand free climbers like good for them but it makes me so so nervous. he's so lucky