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I'll be the first to defend pretty much everything about Gilmore Girls, but one thing I can't defend is their eating habits. They consumed like 4,000 calories of food every day (none of it healthy) and still managed to look amazing throughout all seven seasons. It was incredibly unrealistic, but I guess it was supposed to be part of their charm.
Today is #NationalJunkFoodDay, the one day of the year when we're allowed to eat like the Gilmore Girls, so I give you...The Gilmore Girls Diet.
1. Chinese Takeout: It's not the entire meal, but Chinese takeout is always part of the Gilmore Girls diet. But like Lorelai always says, Chinese takeout is better the day after you order it, so throw it in the fridge for tomorrow.
2. Candy: One of my favorite episodes is when they watch Willy Wonka and buy pounds of candy because how else are you supposed to watch that movie?? If you need an excuse to eat tons of candy, go rent Willy Wonka.
3. Burgers and Fries: The number of half-eaten burgers and fries that the Gilmore Girls left sitting on the table at Luke's makes me sad. This is the main source of vegetables for the Stars Hollow gals because there's lettuce and tomato on the burger, duh.
4. Pizza: One of Lorelai's four main food groups. They love it so much that for Lorelai's birthday, they attempted to make the world's largest pizza.
5. Coffee: I know coffee isn't junk food, but it's crucial to the Gilmore Girls diet. How else are you supposed to have the energy to eat all this food?!

It'll definitely give you a stomach ache, but the Gilmore Girls diet is totally worth it, so go out and properly celebrate #NationalJunkFoodDay!!!

i love everything about this card! i always wished i could have their diet and be able to be skinny like them!!! ughhhhh then life would be perfect.
I know @LizArnone it was one of the 1 million things I envied about the Gilmore Girls!!!