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For an vast evil spy organization, Hydra sure relies on brainwashing a lot. It doesn't seem to be working out so great for them. It does make for some heart-wrenching story lines though. As part of my ongoing collection Which Character Are You, I'm going to help you discover your inner brainwashed assassin.

Clearly this is vital information. Are you ready?

Keep track of your answers to the following questions. Whichever result is most similar to you will reveal the answer.
What quote makes you cringe the most?
A. Are you ready to comply? B. Wipe him. C. We are tools. And tools get used. D. The glory of Soviet culture...
Who did you think you were?
A. Creating order. B: A weapon. C: A hero. D: A ballerina.
What is your goal now?
A. Revenge. B. Purpose. C. An outlet for your anger. D. Redemption.

Now that you've tallied your results, let's find out who you REALLY are...

A: Agent 33 (Kara Palamas)

You were betrayed by your own side- for the greater good. But that doesn't make the suffering hurt any less. You were captured and forced to believe everything you opposed. After struggling to overcome the programming that made you fight for the bad guys, you turned against the organization that left you behind.

B: The Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes)

Thought to be dead for decades, the Winter Soldier was a legend. A ghost story. Only for you, the nightmare was very real. You lost your limb, your freedom, and your identity to Hydra. Now that you're beginning to remember the man you were, it's time to decide what you want from the man you're going to become.

C: The "Black Widow" (Yelena Belova)

You refuse to be looked at as a copy. You are better than the original. After being forced to understand the conditioning that created you, you're angry and vindictive, and determined to prove yourself by your own merits. And you're determined to take down anyone in your way.

D: The Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)

Your memories are unreliable, your present is dangerous, and your future is undetermined. You've got red in your ledger, and you're determined to make amends. Your identity was chosen for you, but that doesn't mean you're going to back down.
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@nicolejb haha awesome :D I like her a lot too, she's one of my favorite character of all time!
@shannonl5 I guess I could always win by making the bad guys laugh until they passing out lol
@buddyesd I 100% approve of this tactic hehe
Lol! I got A, I should have known something was wrong with me. I took a quiz the other day and out of all things I was compared to Dexter, yes showtimes favorite killer lol.
@LAVONYORK lol well didn't you say you're the 5th horseman?