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The Gift is a thriller from Joel Edgerton (this is his directorial debut) and the latest trailer looks sets the tone for the narrative of the film. And it looks like Edgerton really captures the creepy/suspenseful nature of someone holding a grudge after decades.
The most interesting thing about this trailer is the way it's split in two. The first half the trailer is just a voice-over that tells the audience about all the times someone committed a crime over something that happened years ago and honestly, it's pretty chilling. T
he second half of the trailer (which is only around a 30 seconds) contains actual footage of the film and it looks like Jason Bateman is going to answer for something he doesn't remember doing. After watching the trailer, I hoped that I didn't accidentally do something to someone in my past to the point of wanting to ruin my life now. Either way though, I'll probably end up watching this movie.
The Gift will be in theaters August 7th, 2015.