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An Open Letter to the Boy I Used to Be


This is pretty cool, right? You always kind of hoped you would get a letter from future-you, and here it is. This letter has transcended the bonds of linear time and space and found its way into your hands. I can imagine how eager you are to discover something important about yourself, to gain a little insight into the person you will become.
Well, prepare to be let down. I'm not going to outline specifics for you. Yeah, a bummer, I'm sure, but I worry that if you know the details of what's to come, then your, our, knowldege of it will change the course of history, and my present will be made different because of yours.
Yet, at the same time, I realize how unfulfilling that would feel, to be presented with this letter, a glimpse into our shared future, and be made none the wiser for it. So I will tell you some things, the things that you most want to be placated with. I remember what I wanted to know, what I worried about. Some of that I can address.
I guess to start, you just have to know that senior year is a suck year. Plain and simple. Shit will hit fan, you will have to think critically about who is a friend and who isn't. It will feel world-shattering, it will be kinda fucking debilitating. You will be hospitalized for a time. It will not be fun.
That's not to say there won't be shining moments. That's not to say there won't be some truly awesome memories made. Make sure to go on the senior trip. More specifically, know that the fucking hot tub only has three benches.
In fact, know this now more than anything, and it will save you some confusion for your first year of college. Some people you are only friends with because you see them 5 days a week. This is not a bad thing. Just keep it in mind.
Senior year will suck, yeah, but you will make it through. You will survive. It's kind of what we do, man. We survive. And at the end of it, some kind of fuckin' magic will happen.
You'll meet a girl. And not just any girl. She's like, THE girl. You'll start talking to her - Brandon will introduce you. You'll talk to her, and it will be easy.
I'm not gonna give more detail than that, because I think part of why she likes us is our bumbling attempts at being suave, or smooth, or something. Just don't get too caught up on losing your beanie. It's not that important. Yeah, you're gonna lose that thing.
College will be a blast and a half. Freshman year will get off to a really rocky, disheartening start. But it is necessary. You'll see what I mean later, but just know it will be so worth it. You'll meet awesome people.
You'll have great times with great folks in the time you'll spend there. I only suggest maybe focusing more in the first semester of your sophomore year. It will be hard and it will be miserable for a minute, but the payoff is incredible.
Do me a favor though. Take more pictures with Colby. You'll regret not doing so. If you ignore everything else in this letter, just remember that. Take more pictures with Colby. Hell, in 2014, call off work and go up early for harborfest. Maybe things will pan out differently in your timeline.
Just remember above all, that we survive. It gets hard, it gets sad. It'll be sad a lot. But everything is worth it, and everything is a learning experience. I won't say it gets easier. It doesn't. You get smarter; about yourself, and about how you approach these situations. Believe me, I've done it.
Now burn this letter. I'm not sure if there are, but there might be some time police trying to crack down on this kind of thing. Just take everything I said to heart. I'm trying to look out for us.

Sincerely, Future You

This was a reponse I wrote after being tagged in @TessStevens card "An Open Letter to My Former Self" I thought it would be a cool exercise so I went for it. I encourage anybody who reads this to go check hers out, and try your hand at your own, maybe. It felt kind of cathartic.
This was totally "Vin" love the writing style, the honesty. It's good to think about the past for a bit, and then throw yourself back into the future. Thanks for doing one of these!!
Awesome @VinMcCarthy glad it resonated!
@TessStevens hey, thanks. I dig the prompt itself, so it was easy to get involved with it.
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