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It's been a tough few weeks for One Directioners. Still reeling from Zayn's departure, we now know that Louis is expecting a baby. So it's nice to see some positivity coming from the fandom. Trending on Twitter today is #NiallAppreciationDay and we all know why. It's time to appreciate one of our favorite performers!

Fans are spending the day reminiscing about awesome concerts, sweet moments, and years of adorable selfies.

Niall spends so much time appreciating his fans and friends, doesn't it seem fair to spend one day appreciating him in return?

And of course that one really awkward time.

Who else remembers that?

And of course there were the... other reasons fans love Niall.

There were rumors being spread that Niall and longtime friend Justin Bieber were using drugs yesterday evening. Tabloids noted: "Despite reports, there is no suggestion that the boys were not involved in drug taking." That sad double-negative didn't stand a chance to ruin the 1D love fest today!
What do you appreciate most about Niall?
@nicolejb OMG you're killing me >_<
One might say he totally NIALLs the perfect selfie. ;) @shannonl5
@nicolejb agreed! He's totally adorable. And his selfie game is strong too haha :D
ohgosh that first braces pic is GOLD. I appreciate that he is probably the dorkiest of the direction, yet he still owns it.