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Two hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek were able to remotely control a Jeep Cherokee from their basement while it sped down the highway. The turned on the fan, took over the display, blasted music, and even killed the engine.
In the experiment designed by WIRED, it showed that hackers can develop techniques to control your car. They can eve kill your breaks.
This works for hundreds of thousands of vehicles that used the system UConnect as a dashboard control. Car manufacturers like Chrysler, Dodge, and Fiat are all starting to use this technology in their designs.
Luckily this was a safe experiment, done by two guys that warned car companies, and are working on a security system for it. But those are two guys out of many hackers. Hackers that may already found a way to hack your car.
So now in addition to gaining access your bank information, going through your iPhone pictures, and learning about your sex life (cough, cough Ashley Madison), hackers have the ability to control your car, putting your life and others in danger. Can it be stopped?
The code will be released at a hacking convention next months so other hackers can help block the problem...But will this be enough?
Or will those scary action movies become a reality?
wow. Very informative and scary card. Pretty rough to think that someone can take control of your car at any second if they wanted to
I’m also all the types freaked out too @LizArnone! But then my imagination takes over and I think...If they can do this, what else can they do?! XD
I HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOREVER!! just drive your own damn car because somehow, someway, it will get messed up and you will be in an accident. I don't even trust that park for you car. UGHHH now I'm all types of freaked out.
Information is scary @christianmordi! I’m worried that even knowing this increases hackers curiosity.
haha yes! In this case the old is a lot better then the new @drwhat
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