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It's no newsflash that the temperature is sky-rocketing. I'm just trying to keep from melting in the scorching heat. And for those of us who have to be out in the heat (whether to walk to work or to work outside), it's hard to remain fashionable and cool at the same time. Here are some tips on how to keep fashionably cool in the intense heat.

Layer, layer, layer

You walk outside and you immediately start sweating and then you walk inside to your office and you are freezing. It's the classic fire and ice of summer and air conditioning. Combat the extremes in temperatures with lots of layers. Wear a tank top for the outdoor heat, but make sure to grab a sweater for the indoor cool.

Wear sandals

If your feet are hot, the rest of your body will be hot. Combat the heat by wearing sandals that will keep your feet cool. I promise wearing sandals will help keep the rest of your body cool too.

Keep your hair up

One of the easiest ways to provide extra cooling comfort is to put your hair up into a cute bun or ponytail. That way, your hair will stay out of your face and will help keep you from sweating as much.

Dresses and skirts are your best friends

Wearing pants traps in heat and will not keep you cool in the scorching heat. Go for breezy skirts and dresses to give your legs a cool break and allow air to flow. Look for dresses and skirts that are loose and breezy.

Look for light materials

There are fabrics that will keep you cooler than others. Look for fashion pieces made of lighter materials, such as gauze, cotton, crepe and mesh. These lighter fabrics will allow air to flow through the pieces and will keep you cooler.

Enjoy summer while it lasts!