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There are too many for me to all put in one card so im going to split them up by member + cube This is Doojoon's!!!
TRANS: Eunkwang: To BEAST hyungs (Dongwoon dongsaeng hahahah) 慠慠 Finally your new song!! After listening to it Im looking forward to the album and my heart is going badumpbadumpdoojoon(hyung)doojoon(hyung) 'Gotta Go To Work' Fighting!!! And so I will go to work now ahahahaha swoosh DJ: Thank you my lovely Eunkwang, come over when you have time ill make you jjawang.
TRANS: Minhyuk- Everyone BEAST has made a comeback Our BEAST and everyone's BEAST #GottaGoToWork The prelease song is just very just #ItsAlright DJ: Hey Minhyunk come oiver with Eunkwang, I'll make four servings of jjawang.
TRANS: Sungjae- Wow... This song is really good... BEAST hyungs are awesome! Im also on my way to work~~ Let this album also be daebak! DJ- Hey thank you my lovely Sungjae, you should come too. Ah I should make 8 servings of jjawang now.
There are so many things to translate im sorry for falling behind ;( B2ST & B2UTY forever āˆ€Ī”Ī£ & āˆ€Ī£ ģ˜ģ›ķžˆ