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Forget the yoga pants! These days, when it comes to high-end 'yoga wear' retailer Lululemon, all eyes are on their new collaboration with Vancouver-based microbrewery Stanley Park Brewing.
That's right. Lululemon's getting a beer, y'all. Time to practice your Downward Facing Drunk.
So I know what you're thinking. When it comes down to all things yoga mats and pale ales, is there really an overlapping demographic?
Well, sort of.
According to Stanley Park Brewing marketing director Doug Devlin, both companies hope the limited edition lager will help them reach out to consumers they've both otherwise neglected - the beer-drinking dude who likes yoga.

"Just because you're a yogi, doesn't mean you won't have an occasion for beer, and we're certainly interested in talking to that crowd. I think Lululemon, by extension, is interested in talking to a more male beer-drinking crowd. It's a nice way for each of us to take what it is we do to a new consumer."

Curiosity Lager, the collaboration beer, has been described as a "crisp, bold session lager" with 4.6% alcohol by volume. But, unfortunately for those of us in the States, these 88,000 limited edition tallboys and variety packs will only be available in Lululemon's home country of Canada.
Needless to say, you're gonna have to...
Get it? That was a 'can' pun. No? No good? Okay.
your pun at the end is killing me
Uh what that sounds amazing. where can I find it? @danidee
@nicolejb I think the only weird beer I've ever tried was the one of the Rogue Voodoo Donuts ones, and it was actually amazzzinggg.
Hahaha the whole “beer” thing works for me. Especially weird new beers. Craft beers are my weakness @danidee
@nicolejb ME TOO. The whole 'limited edition' thing works on me 99% of the time. Especially if it's a weird collab.
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