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American actress Ali MacGraw reached international fame for her work in Goodbye Columbus, Love Story and other titles filmed in the 1970's. Voted the top female box office star in 1972, MacGraw had the best early 70's style of most stars. Her All-American style extends to a sort of preppy bohemian look that has just enough classic staples grounding peasanty elements.
Flirty minidresses were and still are all the rage. A bell sleeve and a-line skirt balance out the short hem, and a kicky print can be both nostalgic and on-trend in a retro floral or paisley. Ali mastered flirty 70's dresses, long or short, in retro prints.
And if you're feeling really bold (and retro), a floral button-down dress doesn't have to have a mini skirt! Go for a fuller skirt for a true 70's look, or tuck a floral button-down blouse into a suede miniskirt for a similar effect.
This flared denim and turtleneck combo is all I want to wear this fall. Update this look with higher-waisted pants and a sweater with a slight crop to it (and okay, maybe a more supportive bra).
Who says you can't wear a cropped top when dressing in the true retro style? Take a tip from Ali and balance out the short hem with a high-waisted maxi skirt, or wide-leg pants, to balance out the bare midriff.
And finally, can we talk about this lady's beauty routine?
I know "the lob" is all the rage and everyone's cutting their hair short, but Ali totally rocked a longer, stick-straight mane parted straight down the middle, with the occasional bouffant on camera. Her strong brows speak for themself, so she stayed away from heavy makeup with just touches of mascara and a nude lip.
Super 70's looks like this will help you finish off the summer strong, and will carry you into the fall. Balancing proportions and working with dresses that are easily left bare or layered with tights and boots come fall will serve you well as the 70's trends continue after the temperatures drop.
Can you think of any reasons not to model your style off of MacGraw's??