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Let's take a trip down memory lane.

If you were like me growing up, you would find easy - affordable ways to stay on top of what was "in". I remember being in middle school and french manicures were on the come up, all the young girls were coming to school with their nails and toes done. I knew that there was a possibility I could get mine done if I asked, but instead of the possibility of rejection -- I learned to do my own french manicure out of the comfort of my own house.
Although it took both time and patience, that same style girls were flaunting in the hallways for a set price -- I was also flaunting the same style for the low. If you find yourself low on funds, but still want your nails to look fly for little to nothing -- try out this french manicure diy using nothing but nail polish and tape.

Items You Will Need:

White Nail Polish
Clear Nail Polish
Nail Polish Remover

Step #1:

Cut off a piece of tape and place it underneath the natural white tip of your nail covering the bottom half of your nail.

Step #2:

Take white polish and paint above the piece of tape.

Step #3:

Gently remove the piece of tape and clean up any nail polish that may have gotten out of place.

Step #4:

Add a clear coat of polish to your nails and allow time to dry.

Step #5:

Repeat steps until all nails are completed.

To ensure that your french manicure lasts and looks perfect -- check out this card focused on growing healthy nails: Le Struggle: How To Grow Strong, Healthy Nails Using Edible Items.