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Who doesn't want a few good K-pop puns to brighten their day? I found a few golden puns and decided to put together the funniest ones. (All sources have been credited within the picture). Did I miss any good ones? Make sure to let me know what they are! ^_^
This is all for now! But if you have more puns, leave them in the comments!
Maybe there will be a Part 2! ^_^
HA *slaps thigh* HA...... Let me BARO your SANDEULS xD @B1A4BTS5ever ha funny..... no? okay (/ω\)
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OMG!!! *rolls like a buffalo* You know...recently I've been craving Canadian Baekhyun XD
3 years ago·Reply
@jiggzy19 @JazzyPie Lmao glad I could help
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you didn't MissA beat...these are Stellar, Sistar
2 years ago·Reply
THIS.WAS.GOLD. Awesome idea!! (*゚▽゚*) @poojas
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