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Everyone needs best friends.
Admit it.

Only your best friend can understand your irrational hatred for someone, or something, and even start hating with you.

They're also the only person that will dress up with you, and party hard.

They make your weird taste in guys look normal. And they embrace your completely unfiltered thoughts.

Your best friend is the one that defends you even if you're wrong.

And accompanies you to every ridiculous function you're forced to go to.

And no matter what guy is bothering you, they'll have your back.

Despite what everyone else says, they have your best interest at heart, and you respect them for calling you out on your BS.

Only a best friend lets you know you look stupid when nobody else will.

You have to admit, you never have more fun with anyone else. And they always brighten your day.

Because best friends are super important, and they help you get through everything.

Shout out to my BFFs, you know who you are! ;)
The weird taste in guys thing is so true. Me and my best friend Nycole totally get into the same guys and everyone always thinks they're ugly.
Ah, I love this so much!