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"Do you want me to show you a picture of you last summer?"
he asks as I feel the sweat shirt I wear
hug tighter to my hips.
"You've gained weight," you smile
"whats your boyfriend think?"
No sir, I do not want to see the picture,
me 365 days prior
and 15 pounds lighter, smiling,
only once time confident in my bathing suit.
I will never say skinny.
I am sorry sir,
hearing I'm beautiful,
must have distracted me from the purging,
nauseous, always to full feeling,
fingers to busy holding some else's
to grab at my waist and pull
I want you to know,
I only wear loose shirts now,
shorts that go at below my belly button at least,
feel nervous at the beach,
say "No" every time he tells me I'm perfect.
I still dream about the picture
you have of me from last summer,
saved on your phone as a spotlight
to my ever changing, never tiny body
You so delicately reminded me
is not meant for bathing suits.
@skee292 thanks so much!! sometimes it is hard to be body positive when everyone is always trying to knock you down ugh
I love that the beginning stanza starts off with a conversational tone. It makes it so much more relatable in my eyes. This is such a strong message and I encourage you to write more pieces like this. Amazing job.
@allischaaff thanks! whats crazy is my friends DAD told me this. It kind of sucked
F*** the haters!!! You're beautiful JUST the way you are @LizArnone <333
@lizarnone. Only you can allow someone else to make you feel bad.
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