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I am 18 but my korean age is 20! i turn 21 this year! Daesung oppa is 26 but his american age is 25! he already had his birthday thiis year! technically we are 4 years apart! <3 find out your korean age here!! : http://waegukin.com/korean-age-converter.html
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@TashaBitner, bahahahaha we all have those moments lol! And definitely not! 6 years is not much of a gap IMO. I've always thought age to be irrelevant though ♥♥
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@ErinGregory if you think about it a lot of marriages have an age gap of 6 years! my parents AMD gradparents both have an age gap of 6 years!
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My Korean age is 16 and I'm 15
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The moment you find out that your age is close to your oops it means party time
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@daisyzheng02 "oops" LOL! I know for a fact that our oppas were not "oops" haha xD
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