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SUCH A CUTE leather bracelet idea! I am in <3!
These types of DIY project cards are some of my favorite because they are simple to do and easy to follow. I can totally see myself making and wearing these leather and puff paint bracelets all summer! And that raised puff paint is something that I feel like I could rub my fingers across all day long! That tactile experience might be a huge stress reliever too.

Materials to make this:

Snap leather bracelets (Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or online)
Puff paint (same stores)
Pen (extra-fine Sharpie style)


1. Create a cute design (of your choosing) using your pen to create dots.
2. Use the puff paint to cover the dots and let dry completely.
3. Be extra extra extra careful not to bleed the dots together.
4. Wear the bracelets with a sassy crop top or a cute maxi dress this summer!
With summertime well underway and back-to-school in about a month (sorry!!), what other fun projects would you like to tackle before the summer is over? Help me come up with some other cute tutorials for the Vingle community of DIY. In the meantime, click here to Vingle Your Summer!
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Does the puff paint break/wear off after a while?