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Jay Park Though
When you spend around $5,000 bucks (idk won conversion) on a performance thats actually 15 min long
And all your crew and dancers show up but on the actual episode they only show two mins.
I feel you loco, I feel you. Its okay though because Jay know that AOMG is always on fire
...and to Loco RESPECT. At least Jay's comments are getting calmed down and we can see the entire performance on mnet. The 15 minute long performance is on YouTube under Mnets channel if anyone wants to check it out. Meanwhile, i'll just rewatch and rewatch SMTM previous episodes. Jay's facial expressions are always on point!
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Damn 5G is a lot of money O_O
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Yeah, Jay admitted it himself on 4 Things Show, he can't and doesn't hide is facial expressions, and I LOVE IT!
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wow that sucks :(
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