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1. Hackers can now remotely control your car. That’s right they can shut down your engine, stop your breaks, even pump unwanted music like Nickleback through your speakers. It’s a almost like the car is manu(hack)tured to destroy you.
2. Donald Trump is officially getting on our last nerve. It’s getting hairy annoying. But we shall overcomb (pun above).
3. After the NY prisoners escaped from a high-security prison, an investigation found a lot of cracks in the prison system. The Prison system has a very complacent culture. And it’s guarding a bit out of hand.
4. Leaving small children and dogs is a crime. Here’s what science (and NFL players) have to say about it. I think we can all say this is a hot (seated) topic.
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Sounds like a real #JailFail to me.