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I apply to all except that I completely shut down on American Pop. I don't remember the last English song I listened to lol
This was my same reaction when my Directioner friends cried about it. I suffered way before them...and I still cry about it...
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@KpopGaby lol thats pretty much what I do because my sister loves fetty wap and im not a fan
I have literally become unable to listen to American music ..... I just can understand it, and I dont like the fact that there is no cool clothes, perfect hair, and perfect choreography.... and English is my first language and korean is my second..... oh well
@GoldenV Exactly! K-Pop captures peoples eyes and what does other have, honestly? Well English is my second language but I speak it more than Spanish lol. But Korean is going to be the third. Don't know a lot but I will sooner
OMG YYESS!!! 2014 :(