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The Untold Festival in Transylvania is paying a bit of an homage to its vampiric reputation by allowing attendees to pay in their own blood. Donated blood, that is.
The four-day EDM festival is offering free day passes to people who donate blood at certain transfusion centers in Romania’s capital city of Bucharest and in Cluj-Napoca on specific dates in July.
(Those who donate to other Romanian transfusion centers will receive a 30% off discount.)
The offer is a local effort to alleviate a national blood shortage in medical centers, as only 1.7% of Romanians donate blood, one of the lowest turn-outs in Europe. (That's a statistic that's pretty scary.)
Untold is the very first in the country to use this 'blood for admission' model. However, depending on the success of their efforts, perhaps more and more Romanian cultural events will look to blood as a viable alternative payment.
This is awesome! I’d do it for the music.
@nicolejb Me too! I actually saw the lineup and I was like, hey that's a pretty good deal...