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i couldnt agree more!!!
You know that's right. The town would have to get ready, because it wouldn't know what to do with all of us together. :D
@nylamrehs thanks for the encouraging words...*sigh*....neha and i really missed you a lot during those absent days that your hubby was in town but we knew you were busy and we respected your space....@YinofYang you too, thank you and i know exactly what you mean b/c ive gone thru it too, nooooo you're not creepy, i be rashing too......YES, i wish we lived closer b/c i bet it would be a blast to hang w/you gals!!!
@nylamrehs I'm glad you feel the same way, sis. I think we would all have so much fun together. It's a shame that you don't hang out like you used to. At least you can hang out with us here on Vingle. :P
@yinof...hahaha.. well, if we could hang out together, that would be great!! actually i have 3 best friend but just don't hang out like we used to anymore...
Oh, oh! I opt for choice number 1 (good choice selection @nylamrehs!) Then, walk away. :D Give them a broken nose, so that they may remember you for the rest of their days. LOL!
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