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Does he want a relationship or just relations? That's the question of the hour.

You can't judge a book by it's cover, but when you have that feeling in your gut -- sometimes it's best to stick with it. It usually starts with the sweet texts that lead to flirting and all of a sudden he's inviting you over for what is meant to be a casual encounter -- but what are his real intentions? Sometimes a guy will tell a woman anything to get on her good side and when I mean her good side -- I'm literally talking about her good side.
It's easy to fall prey to their sweet gestures and endless compliments, but be mindful of what this guy is truly working towards. If he compliments your [ass]-ets more than he compliments your way of thinking, you might want to pump your breaks slowly. Not every guy has the same motives, but just keep your eyes open for those who want a quick fling instead of a sure thing.

He Constantly Asks You To Send Him A Picture

And let's just put it this way -- he's not asking for a picture of your face. These type of messages are an immediate red flag and this guy is so not worth your time. On to the next.

His Favorite Time To Text You Is After Hours

Don't expect any 'Good Morning' texts from this fella. He only text you at night and you know who they say come out at night.

His Idea Of Spending Time Together Is In The House

Going out to dinner? The movies? Walk in the park? Fuggehdaboutit. This guy only wants you in the comfort of his home or vice versa. You're idea of the perfect date is only a figment of your imagination when it comes to this guy. Hope you like "Netflix".

He Hasn't Taken The Time To Get To Know You

Asking you what size bra you wear and what kind of panties you're wearing is not getting to know you. Block this guy and be sure to stray far away from his kind.

He Doesn't Hide His True Feelings

It's pretty obvious what this guy is about and he has no problem laying it down on the table (figuratively speaking). He doesn't want anything long term and the signs are right in front of your face -- don't be naive.

Ladies, what's a sure sign that tells you he only wants one thing?

So true @jordanhamilton "you have to pick them when they're ripe." lol!! love that image. but you're absolutely right!
ok @jordanhamilton I agree totally
Awwww man! You and me both lol but nothing wrong with being single. We are in the same boat -- haha. But I do believe that some men genuinely want so much more when it comes to women. You just have to pick and choose. It's like picking bananas at the grocery store, you have to choose them while they're ripe @Tabbi
lol..... I might make the next guy feel like this from being single so long.... lol...... but I think all men just want the Coco..... lol
Most def @allischaaff ! A couple bruises here and there are cool, but ripe is always a must lol