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Update Your Skirt With Scraps - DIY

I just shared a card about leather bracelets in the same format as this. Just look and copy! I am sort of all about these kinds of DIY tutorials because they are so basic to follow, yet the ideas are SUPER ADORABLE!
This really ups the ante on a plain black skirt--updating it to something cute and flirty.

You are going to need:

Cute plain black skirt (or another color is fine too as long as it's plain)
Scrap lace material (in three colors)

All you do is:

Cut out random sized and shaped lace pieces with the intention of overlapping them.
Pin them in place and simply stitch into place, tacking down around the inside perimeter of the cut-out pieces.
Be careful not to make the pieces too bulky.
How easy is this?! Are you totally loving this cute skirt idea?! Leave your feedback in the comments below. Also, please click here to see the leather bracelet DIY I mentioned before.
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