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Pandora, you know me so well ♥
Kicking it old school xD
Is it possible to NOT like this song?
Aaannnd we went from seriously energetic to seriously sad. Damn it pandora ♥
How do yall like to listen to your K-Pop? I love Pandora because it introduces me to music I haven't heard before a lot of times. But I also listen to a lot of YouTube!
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@KpopKrazed, I think so as well :-) I find so many new groups / artists because of Pandora xD
Pandora and Spotify ♡ But I've grown to like Spotify more lately
@ygvip21, really! I like that Pandora plays such a wide range of music :-) You can add more groups to your one channel and it'll start playing a more narrow set of music too. :-)
well this was a couple years back when I stopped with Pandora...maybe they have gotten better @ErinGregory
@ygvip21, yeah the adding to your station thing is new from what I can tell. :-)