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Warning: Don't Use A Stapler For This Dress!

OMG! I am in love with this sequin paillette pocket skirt! Like, you have no idea! However, using a stapler is NOT CUTE! WTF?! What were they thinking with this?!
Okay, so you can still totally rock this look doing everything you see here except replace the stapler with fabric glue OR hand stitch the paillettes with invisible thread and needle. Up to you. I would probably glue most in place and tack down with needle and thread to overlap the design a bit and add some flexibility and movement to the design.
But honestly, I CANNOT IMAGINE the pain of running my fingers against the backside of all those staples in my pocket! Or worse, what about scratching your phone?! OMG! If you are a crafter with an even BETTER IDEA of attaching these cute sequins to the pockets, please share your expert tips! I am all about that!
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