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Don't miss out on this blouse and tie revamp that I found for Summer! You are going to flip when you see just how easy this is to make on your own. Don't hate, I know I said on another card that I didn't want to fuss with my sewing machine, but this tutorial blouse is SO ADORABLE, I am breaking my 'it's-too-hot-to-sew' comment from before to do this project. And we all know how awful this non-stop heat wave is this summer.
Make sure you have a cute blouse make of chiffon or some silk or blousy material for this to work.

You will need:

Sewing machine
(some minor patience)


1. Cut the sleeves off.
2. Cut out the 'tie' and 'arm hole' pieces from the sleeves.
3. Add a small dart a couple inches in from the arm hole for the bust.
4. Pin the arm hole pieces to the arm holes and stitch.
5. Attach the two tie pieces to make one long piece and finish.
Now you can wear this cute look with some heels, a flirty skirt and some cute accessories. In fact, I just shared a card about updating a skirt with scraps of lace! Have you seen it?! Click here so you can make it, while your sewing machine is still out! <3
I bow before your tailor skills, the blouse looks amazing
Thanks @Animaniafreak I am bot the best sewer, but I try. But that's not me in the pic. LOL I found this online. :)