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I know what you're thinking! Okay, so maybe this isn't exactly "paisley" by definition, but on quick glance, it sure looks like it in the photo! Honestly, it doesn't matter if you choose a traditional paisley design or another.
The point of this is to update your denim with cute, adorable and graphic patchwork patterns that are fun, colorful and inspired. What's your favorite kind of graphic? What are your favorite colors? You want to go with something that will stand out and bring life back to the jeans you're updating.
The great thing about this project is that you don't need a sewing machine to get this done, just a few supplies:
Denim pants
1 yard of cute fabric
Scissors (or pinking shears)
Straight edge (or ruler)
Get Started:
You want your patchwork pieces to be different sizes.
If you're not sure how big or small, start with pieces that are about the size of a card from a deck of playing cards.
Avoid exact squares, but make them more rectangular.
Mix up the different sizes--some small and others large.
Tack down with fabric glue and then hand stitch around the edges.
This part doesn't have to be super laborious. It's just to make it look like it was hand-stitched. The glue is doing all the work.
Make sure you wear these with a cute white top and some cute shoes. It's summertime and I am loving this look. If you have suggestions on other cute things to update denim, please let me know! In the meantime, please click here to get more ideas about Vingling Your Summer to perfection! <3