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Tribal Safety Pin Bracelet - DIY

Summertime is all about accessories. Sometimes it's a cute scarf and sunglasses. Sometimes it's a hot beach tote. Sometimes...it's the sweet sprinkles on a cookie caramel cupcake! OMG! Why am I desperate for food right now?!?! And other times, it's a handmade bracelet like this striped tribal inspired wrist jewelry--made of seed beads, elastic and safety pins! So darling!
As you can see, you only need a few supplies and the tutorial of these photos is pretty self-explanatory. However, I just want to interject that you can totally make this any color and any style. Try mixing up the colors so it's not just stripes. You can even create fun patterns from one safety pin to the next. It's totally up to you. Be creative and have tons of fun with this!
I am envisioning making a few of these and giving as summertime gifts to my girlfriends, who will LOVE THEM! For more cute projects like this one--that are SO EASY to do--click here! Thanks!
I used to make these all the time, i recommend getting a string color other than white though because the white ends up looking really tacky!! and get colored safety pins if you can
@DaniaChicago @danidee It's like they look totally fine in pictures, but somethign about it actually on your writs with the white looks SO big and bulky...much cuter with clear or matching colors to the beads/pins!!
Tacky bracelets are NO BUENO! haha Thanks for that tip @onesmile! :)
@onesmile Thanks for the advice!! Because I definitely want to give these a try lol.
I wonder if you can bunch them up to create letters and words
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