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This twist ending, though!! Have yall seen it?
I looked this song up because of a quiz and tried so hard not to cry... THEN THE ENDING HAPPENED. And my jaw hit the floor and I did cry.
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I remember when this was released there was a lot of hype about it! I like this and I hope there will be more of it in kpop!
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I know right the twist gets to you!!
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@aabxo -- I looked up the song you suggested for @ErinGregory (BTW, I like your last name , reminds me of Greg House haha-- so random) && man, I wasn't expecting that at all .. gave me the chills 馃槩馃槩
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@NoelleKimberly it was like 3 years ago-- I think towards the end of 2012
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@momo14e, this is the best twist I've seen in a K-Pop MV hahahaha <3
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