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All i gotta say is YASSSSSS BISHHHH YASSS. A video posted to Youtube by Taylor Hatala, on July 20, features the QUEENS OF KPOP 2NE1's song "I AM THE BEST" in it. The Video also features Beyonce's "RUN THE WORLD" in it as well.
When I heard that "nega jeil jal naga" drop I was like "OMFG. MY QUEENS!" My heart raced and i started doing the dance to the song. One thing i was dissappointed with was the girls's outfits for the 2NE1 shoutout.

The outfits which you can see for your self in the link at the were. Short,red, traditional Chinese style shirts and Black, plated, shorts with bun as the hairstyle which they had put decorative chopsticks through. I wasn't the only one alone with these thoughts, another person commented on video saying this "The makeup is almost certainly intended to look like Japanese geisha's too... in addition to the Chinese style tops."
and others back the user up commenting things like "good until the asian stereotypes came out"
"Just really lazy costume and makeup choices that basically treat Korean and Japanese and Chinese culture as if they're all the same. Geisha makeup = Japanese, cheongsam = Chinese, 2NE1 = Korean. But they're just mixed together into a general "ASIAN" style which just looks really ignorant." "...I just really don't understand the second half of the video. The 2NE1 song "I am the Best" is a Korean pop song and sung in Korean, but they are wearing traditional-esq Chinese styled outfits?? I get that a Hanbok isn't super tight or flattering but not all Asian countries are the same! You can't lump their very diverse cultures all together."

But I have to admit, the skill of these girls are unquestionable.
What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my thoughts COMMENT BELOW
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I totally agree, I first saw a clip of this on Minzy's Instagram and the first thing that ticked me off was their outfits. The dancing was great, but the outfit choice could have been better. Each asian country has a different culture, and pasting Chinese or Japanese culture over all of them is just wrong and frankly kind of racist.