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I just started rewatching WIN and I started missing Ikon so I decided to post some of the memes I have on my phone. Most of them are about Bobby
I know that these aren't things that he's actually said but they crack me up.
Had to add some of my bias Junhoe in there. He's so sassy and I just can't get enough of it. Sehun, Junhoe, Key, Jackson, and Bambam should all get together and have a sass off. There are probably a ton of other sassy udols but I can't think of anyone else right now...
Wait. I found some more. The last picture was pretty much my expression while reading these. I think that's all the yg related memes I have on my phone so...bye!
@ErinGregory haha sorry. I guess the picture was meant to be viewed on a phone cause I can see them all perfectly clearly
So good!
@JustinaNguyen, bahahahahaa probably :-) I'd use my phone but my 4 year old constantly has it to play puzzle games or watch YouTube videos lmfao
Well other than the fact that it's TINY! IT'S A PHOTO FOR ANTS! xD hahahaha
@JustinaNguyen, no it was the one about Bobby lol it must have been the app on my tablet (it's been screwy today), cause I'm on the laptop and I can see it perfectly now. xD
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