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Everyone's hating on Tao because he's now a soloist. But we should remember there is and will be only one Z.Tao. Although this is Rapmonster's picture (because of the Rapmon hating too, I decided to use this photo) this is to everyone, even non Kpop idols, just everyday average human beings like you and me. Because there will only be one you and one me and only one Tao. So why don't "fans" just be happy for him. He's happy! He's living his dream now; what gives you, hating EXO Ls, the right to make his dreams disappear? He didn't crush your dreams or EXO's because EXO is still EXO, they'll move on like how they did to Kris and Luhan and so will you fans. So lets all be happy for him. I'm not telling you to support him or anything but the least you could do is be happy for him right? I mean, come on, I'm an EXO L and I'm disappointed in these "fans" hating and bashing on him like no tomorrow. Sure, he disappointed some of yalls (or all) but what some of you EXO Ls don't understand is that he's human too. He has his own rights to be free and do whatever the crap he wants. Some of you "fans" are calling him selfish, saying he used EXO, saying he has no talent, saying he betrayed your trust, praying and hoping for his solo career to drown. Well, none of the EXO members would've been known if not for EXO. None of the members would have been famous if not for EXO. None of them would have been discovered if not for EXO and SM. We don't know his life story. All we know is from what the music videos, music shows, variety shows, EXO SHOWTIME and the media portrays for us to see. Even when Tao was hurt over and over again SM treat Kyungsoo even better than him! (Not that I don't like Kyungsoo cause he is my bias wrecker) So can't we just be happy for Tao? links:
A lot of people talk about how he called Kris a traitor and now he's done the same... Do people not understand how the entertainment industry works?!?! More likely than not he was made to say those things (and knowing SM that's completely believable), along with that there is the fact he said he was injured and is know doing solo. It's actually been a while guys, certainly enough time if resting to heal what is capable of healing (some of his injuries were left untreated too long and will never heal according to doctors) so know he has is coming back after rising above all the crap SM put him through, and people want to attack him for it?!?! Seriously!?!?!? All these fans talk about how they want their EXao oppas to take care of themselves, and then the moment Tao tries to he gets torn apart by the people who told him this in the first place, literally wtf!?!? I'm not an EXO-L but I will support Tao I'm sure his solo debut is going to be amazing and I know I'll be buying it!
I support Tao, I feel like people expect EXO to stay together forever when in reality there are thing out of their control sometimes that cause changes like this. What ever issues he had are his to deal with but in not going to attack him for making a decision that really only effects him. I say good luck to him.
Aww, very heart felt and well put. I was sad to see him go but am all for treating the artists right, and they weren't so more power to him. Hope he's healthy and happy.
Ugh auto correct changed most of my "nows" to "knows" so annoying :/
I love nd support Tao nd always will he is amazing fighting Tao ♥♥♥ ppl that r hating r just selfish immature they don't know the whole story at all nd only think they are right : p I can understand those ppl don't want to accept these changes with exo but it happens ppl changes life changes situation changes our goal dream changes we go through dfrnt situations in our lives and end up choosing dfrnt path for our lives nd most of the times those changes r best for us so let's accept it... fighting Tao