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@ErinGregory tagged me to do the kpop handwriting challenge. I had a lot of fun, so thanks for tagging me (: You need to tag 10 people to do this challenge and I choose: @poojas,@amobigbang,@otakinha,@MyaWardani01,@ReynaGomez,@MahiThrift,@KpopGabi,@veselovskayavic and the the creator of this challenge @ephneyt! thanks for creating such a fun challenge. PS: when you do this challenge do not forget to tag @ephneyt, since she was the who created this :D
@ErinGregory lmai even if I was drunk (I don't drink anyway, I don't think I would be able to dance ><) yeeees I did see it, taec and his accent <3 I just didn't like the girl sometimes she sounded annoying (maybe bcuz I was jealous) lol
@nokita, I can't dance either hahahahaha!!! I keep thinking about learning, but unless I'm drunk I'm too embarrassed to even let people SEE how bad I am xD And if I AM drunk.. well.. that's a whole different story... but still not a good one. Lmfao and I love love love 2 PM <3 Have you seen the We Got Married with Taecyeon? SO CUTE!!!
@ErinGregory im crazy for 2PM *-* and lmao I cant dance at all!!!! ><
yay thanks for tagging me!! :-)
@ephneyt u re welcome :D
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