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So I haven't made my own card before so I thought this was a good way to start. This was actually really difficult but a lot of fun. Can you tell I'm one of GD's biggest fanboys? I also don't know many girl groups... If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. (I have embarrassing handwriting....)
Aw I think you have nice handwriting!! I don't know very many girl groups either, just 2ne1, f(x), Red Velvet, Lee Hyori (she's a solo artist), Miss A, AOA, Hi Suhyun.. and yeah, that's it. :-/
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thanks @ErinGregory I think I have weird handwriting for a guy. hmm.. Red Velvet and Miss A I haven't heard yet. I'll look them up. thank you!!
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@Shilolobun I write in caps too and people tell me it's weird and I'm telling you its not I personally prefer all caps👌👌
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I'm pretty sure you can dance dude. If T.O.P can sway to the beat, you can too XD
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