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Have you guys seen The Incredibles? Possibly my favorite character in the whole movie was Edna!!! Because she's just so sassy. And somewhere in all that sass, she managed to give the family some pretty great love advice, don't you think?

This quote of hers is one of my absolute favorites:

"I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now."
What can we learn from Edna? That if we spend all of our time thinking about the what ifs and maybe I should haves of the past, we'll be missing out on what is actually happening now. I've caught myself doing this--even when I start a new relationship, I'm thinking about an old one (clearly, not ready for a new relationship, but that's another story). Still, if I was able to stop thinking about the past and focus on what I have now, well, things might not seem so bad!
So stop thinking about the past, and look to the now. It's great if we learn from the past, but if we keep living in it, we'll never get to experience the present!
Great quote. Sometimes, it's hard not to get stuck in the past, but you gotta keep trying, right? :)
@poojas Exactly!! I know I catch myself lingering, rethinking things that are SO past done and just getting mopey....there's always something new and beautiful in life to look forward to!! So keeping looking forward
Thank you
What if you you think you already are over the past and you're starting to like someone new and someone.from the past suddenly comes back? and then all the other feelings you have for other guys just went away because of that past that came back? hahaha
@onesmile Yep yep. Always gotta be optimistic! :)