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Do you guys know what quote this movie is from?

"And when I promise something, I never ever break that promise. Ever."
Ding ding ding! It's from Tangled :) The line is so much more impacting when you have that dramatic pause with a good ol' eyebrow raise from Flynn. Sure, the real scene stealing moment of this is his smolder, but I thought that Rapunzel's line that she never breaks promises was one we should all learn from.
See, she's very naive and trusting (though she doesn't think she is), but she also wants to be trusted, because she feels she is reliable. And trust is everything: you can love someone even if you don't trust them, but there will always be a hesitancy in the relationship that would not exist if you trusted them. The same goes for family and friends: you can love and care about them, but if you don't trust them, there will always be some doubts when you think about trusting them with your happiness.
So remember that when you're in a relationship it's as important to prove your trustworthiness to someone else as it is to be able to trust them. Because trust is everything.
Every day on Facebook, I always put the movie quote, I would love to see yours
Tangled is one of my favorite movies so thank you for sharing this :D
@LisaWaitst You mean you post them there? You're welcome to share these :) I think there's a share link!! I make some of them myself and others I just link here lol!!