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Most women are starting to hear from one of the most fashionable plus size model Tess Holliday over the course of the year. There are also some who have not, but thats ok because I'm hear to talk about it! We all have seen models with these beautiful slim figures and think "Man . . .that's what it takes to be beautiful . . ." Well if you like Tess you'll say EFF THAT! She has redone the Fashion world and has been an inspiration to a lot of Plus size women! After a while more and more women has come to say #EffYourBeautyStandard !
A little about Tess from a Media perspective show how confident she is to be herself and not care about what the world has to say! She's one of the first plus size models to feature on People Magazine and everyone (I do mean EVERYONE ) Should take a confidence class from Tess!
To prove a fact that Tess is not the only one showing off her beautiful curvy body. Sarah Rae Vargas has also been showing off different looks and styles for summer!! She has her own youtube channel (which btw you should totally check out) and is another inspiration to the Plus size community.
And to top it all off these ladies are showing off their own Summer Lookbook! This goes to show that fashion can come in many different shapes and sizes, and that each and every one of us is beautiful!
Thank goodness for these women proving that being beautiful is not about being skinny! Love love love!
It just makes me so mad that we were sort of shamed into dressing a certain way and not wearing certain clothing just because we're shaped different. That whole unspoken rule is kind of lame.
@danidee That is so true! I had to wite this because I used to feel the same way. I used to be so hard to love myself until I was so tired of being depressed. Seeing other people take a stand is always encouraging so just know that your not alone!!
I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS CARD!! i am so obsessed with tess holliday and positive body image!! i love that these women are rocking patterns and colors not just confining themselves to black because its "slimming" ughhhh i have a whole collection if you want to check it out i think you would enjoy it!.
@danidee Tell me about it! I've just recently started developing my own hairstyle to kind of developers my own style! I recommend giving it a try. Start off small and work your way up and out. it really helps!
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