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So I came across a video of a guy proposing to his girlfriend in a pretty nontraditional way. He actually designed a video game (with his friends' help) and then asked her to check it out for him. See the video below!
(Oh, and you can try playing the game yourself here!!)
Now when I found this video, I found comments like these:
"kind of sad this guy proposed over a game, very very sad"
"Honestly, I hope nobody will propose to me that way. It sound so dumb to tell the story to your parents. It is a very original way though, don't get me wrong."
",,,and they divorced after 1 year because he was playing too much video games :D"
Now, I know people just comment ridiculous things on the internet, but I actually think this was a great proposal! Sure, it's not one I would want personally, but I think its cute.
Clearly, if he took the time to make this, he knows that it's something that his girlfriend would appreciate. People in the comments were assuming she probably "didn't like it" and they'd break up because he plays too many games....but she is just as into games as he is! (you can read more of their story here). As long as he knew it was something she'd like, I think he made a good choice in organizing this.
And as far as the comment goes about it being "a dumb story to tell your parents," you are not getting engaged for your parents, you are getting engaged for YOU, so who cares!!
What do you guys think of it, though? Maybe I'm just being biased because I'm sure he put a lot of time into it!
@onesmile Same!!! Ok glad I'm not the only one who thinks its at least kind of cute :)
Ok, so like....dont' do this for me but I think it's cute!!!! He put SO much time into it, and clearly his friends were supportive so that's great