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Costume Diary: Manchester Black
Check this out!! This cosplayer did what's a level between a closet cosplay and full on "I made this from scratch cosplay" and documented the whole process of creating his very own Manchester Black cosplay....which is pretty awesome because it actually shows that cosplaying does not have to be that difficult!
I wish more cosplayers would do diaries like this--take us through their process of creating their cosplays and sharing it with everyone. It would really, really cool to see, even if they reveal it after they finish like he did!
(also, @shannonl5 thought you'd like this since you always post about closet cosplays and seem to like comics too~~!)
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This is so great! Thank you for tagging me! This is definitely doable. I love that he mentioned not overheating... that's something people sometimes forget until the day of ><
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