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Martha Stewart shared this simple do-it-yourself on her social media page today and I thought that it was rather beautiful. Her team took ordinary thank you gift boxes and elevated them to elegant wedding favors by embellishing them with gold stretch cord, architectural buttons and a clipped note on paper.
For this project you need:
Lidded favor boxes
Scissors or craft knife
Thank-you tag on cord or ribbon (optional)
Brass pyramid buttons
In the lid of a favor box, make a slit using scissors or a craft knife.
If desired, tie a cord or ribbon with a thank-you tag around the box.
Fit a brass pyramid button into the slit, covering the knot of the cord or ribbon.
*The button is available through MJ Trim (New York).
I rarely post cards like this, but if you liked this, please let me know and I will share more like this in the future.
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wow thank you for that, i will surely send you a note. cebu is also a great city, let me knoe if you had plans to visit here. that would be fun. :)
I'd like to visit one day.
@biancaP @marshalledgar actually, we are living on Phuket, in Thai Kingdom))). but we travel a lot for destination weddings. f.e. maldives, sri-lanka, malasia etc.
Hi @biancaP how are your wedding plans shaping up? How exciting! Happy for you and the groom!
@NixonWoman thank you. hmm well it is still a silhouette. Lol! i'd let you guys know if i have questions. thanks thanks