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You've seen these flowers all over magazines, on the morning talk shows and perhaps, if you're lucky, at your best girlfriend's wedding. And I am betting that every time you see these beautiful, unassuming flowers, you think to yourself, What is the name of that flower?!
Also known as "Wind Flowers", these are available year-round, making them both inexpensive and readily available. Even better, they come in tons of colors! You simply can't go wrong with these as they blend well with garden variety, wild flowers and Nordic flowers. Pairing these with tropicals can get dicey, so it's best to leave the design team to do it rather than trying to do it yourself.
A website called Fifty Flowers is offering bulk anemones with either a white center or dark center (as you see pictured here) for $259 (for 160 flowers). Shop around and always check with your floral designer for the best flowers and the best deals for your wedding.
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