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I saw this quote and had to pause.
It made me stop and think about my parent's marriage.
It made me think about how I view marriage.
It made me consider the tremendous effect two people can have on their children.
It made me think of legacy, and what that means for all generations.
If and when I get married, you never know, my hope is that we will live and love in a way that teaches and inspires our children to find and live out for themselves when they are of age.
What did this quote make you think? Please feel free to be as open and honest as you'd like.
So true. if you read this line slowly, it has such depth in it. With the new generation not wanting to get married (Specially successful ladies- I know few of them personally), parents married life effects a lot in their decision
@marshalledgar that's true, I don't think it's something to be done on a whim. it takes a lot of work and a lot of commitment. the first time I wasn't ready and it fell apart fast.
tremendous goal, but doable @biancaP my language too @LindaGuandique , though I doubt I will tie the knot. just not interested. @buddyesd , I'm glad you and your wife see value in your marriage and that it's worth fighting for and saving. so many people lose heart and throw in the towel.
I've been married twice, the first I 19, only lasted two years w/o no kids. My present wife we've been married 11 with two kids. like every marriage we have issues, even came close to divorce. But where my first marriage it was basically cutting our losses, this one is worth fighting for because like you said it effects the kids as much as us. I only hope that my kids learn from our mistakes and they grow to be better than us.
Made me think of my decision not to get married lol if I were to get married this is the language I'd speak
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