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Not long ago I featured stunning Emmanuele jewels in the form of hand and footwear, along with head gear, which you can click here to see. I wanted to show this magnificent BoHo head gear look that is drop dead gorgeous!
I see an effortless bride with long hair in the most cottony-sheer dresses that echo a time from yesteryear. The chandelier earrings paired with the head piece is of exceptional design and quality, with Swarovski crystals.
I've included these two Claire Pettibone gowns as inspiration for what I think would pair perfectly with Emmanuele accessories.
For more Claire Pettibone, simply click here.
The headpiece looks heavy!
I'm sure there's some weight to this @HairConfetti But who cares? This thing is gorgeous! Of course, I tend to veer in the direction of the dramatic, edgy and non-conformist. hahaha