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The galaxy cocktail
This looks really good. I really wanna try it.
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This is one of the best looking cocktails I've ever made, but to be honest, one of the worst in taste. Tequila just doesn't fit in this one in my opinion.
Oh really? Why is that @rodiziketan. I haven't tried it yet. I have a long list of cocktails I still need to make and try. It sounded good. I wonder if maybe the tequila ratio could be adjusted to suit your taste. Just a thought, maybe.
maybe you were just having a bad tequila day. LOLOL J/k I like my rums to taste of coconut. And I love the smell of it!
don't get me wrong, I like tequila. But not in this drink haha. oh yes, rum and coconut go great together. @marshalledgar